Trusted Referrals - Latest Numbers

To date, total money passed and business slips between our members this year

Money Passed: £203,834.
Total number of business slips: 304 .

Would you like to get more business for yourself, while at the same time prevent competitors from doing the same?

Then the Trusted Referrals for you..

Trusted Referrals is a group of business professionals who meet on a Thursday at 06:30 for breakfast but more importantly we discuss business and pass referrals. The venue for our weekly meeting is Effingham Park Hotel, Copthorne and with plenty of parking it is the perfect location to discuss business.

We trust in our abilities to undertake work on behalf of our friends, family and business connections in a professional and expert manner.
Often the referred work means that the client/customer does not go to another supplier as they trust our “word of mouth” recommendation.

So if you would like to visit us on a Thursday please click on the Trusted Referrals Invite. 

Trusted Referrals Invite