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21 Gregory Close
RH10 7LB
West Sussex
07788 410930
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

My aim is very simple, to bring beautiful, creative, professional and above all, affordable photography to everyone.

To me, Photography is a passion, a passion which I hope is reflected in the quality of my work. There is something so very special about having the opportunity (and I hope talent) to be able to capture the people and things around me in such a way that someone would actually want to pay me to do it for them! I love being able to capture a look, a moment or an emotion and freeze it forever on film (well a digital file, but that doesn’t sound quite as romantic as film does it!). Anyway, as I say above, I really hope this passion shows in my work, but I guess that is for you to decide!

My repertoire is fairly broad, from weddings through to product photography and pretty much everything in between. So I guess I fall into the category of  “General Photographer” but I have to say that my passion is for people, that of course encompasses Weddings and Portraits/Portfolios, family shoots, newborns and even boudoir. As I say, I just love photographing people and there is no better place than a wedding, the range of emotions, colours and venues is just perfect. I also love the adrenalin rush, knowing full well that I only have one go at getting it right. There are no second chances when you are shooting a wedding, I can’t ask the Priest, Vicar, Registrar (others are available . . .) to do something again because I missed it the first time, or “please stop” while I sort my equipment out. I need to Get it right, first time, every time  . . .

Portraits and portfolios are the polar opposite to weddings in that I can take as much time as I need to get a specific shot, adjust the light, move a prop lift an arm etc to get that perfect image, I guess I like it as much for just that reason, total control! I also have a purpose built studio with professional backdrops (not those awful cloth ones where you can see every crease) so pretty much any scenario can be addressed, from a private boudoir session to shooting Aluminium wheels for a car accessories company (yep, done that) . . .

Stephen Johnson - Photographer

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January 2020

A free breakfast, possible referrals and the opportunity to tell the world, or at least those present, what a wonderful business you have.

Come and partake of referrals of Worth! It works for me - I'm confident it'll work for you.

You will be greeted at the door by
Mike Redmond

The ten minute speaker will be
Crispin Jones

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